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Design Community Wellness: Virtual Rally To Drive Early Voting This Election Cycle and Beyond

October 21 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm




Design Community Wellness : Virtual Rally To Drive Early Voting This Election Cycle and Beyond


This rally is a collective effort of organizations will facilitate exchanges of knowledge around democratic engagement work through thoughtful discussion where speakers will share their insights and inspire us all to fight for a better future.

Our intention is for attendees to network and develop their civic-minded thinking and practices through engaging & informative speaker sessions & interactive virtual workshops

Active athletes, artists, activists, community leaders and elected officials will come together for this important virtual event to explore the leading issues and cultural influencing the 2020 election and how we must act now to get out the vote.

Through thoughtful discussion, panelists will share their insights and inspire us all to fight for a better future. Can we count on you to join us? Phone bank run to the polls RSVP today!

To thank you, we are offering the best products from Project Fitness, the Health Architect, and Vyper to provide entrants with the chance to win premium luxury health and wellness items as part of our Run The Polls campaign:

  1. Personal Training With Project Fitness (Free 30-Minute Workout)
  2. Reset & Recovery with The Health Architect (Personal or Group),
  3. Vyper Foam Roll.

The winners will be announced at the Run The Polls Virtual Rally.

Speakers :

Chelsea Eickert

Damion Thomas

Leon Scott

Abby lBack

Frank Malone

Marcus Hughes

Thabiti Boone

Peter Lubmbela


Who are we?

We are athletes, fitness professionals, scholars, policy experts, concerned citizens, and activists wanting to do our part and positively impact the outcome of this election.

What do we do?

We organize our communities to be civically engaged and demand change, register for the 2020 census and vote for the upcoming presidential election.

Why do we do what we’re doing?

This election represents a monumental opportunity to bring lasting change in the political/social/economic landscape of our country. We are not just voting for the next President.

We are:

1. You are voting for the “down” ballot, to keep the House and to gain majority of the Senate in Congress

2. Voting to prevent a 6-3 dangerous conservative majority on the Supreme Court (87-year-old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently passed away on September 18th. This alone should be enough for historic turnout)

3. Voting for federal judges

Host: Chickaro Martin



Zoom Meetings: Every Wednesday @ 7:30 PM

Design Community Wellness: Vote 2020 + Census 2020

Meeting ID: 812 4865 9473. Password: 581322


Host:  Chickaro Martin www.chickaromartin.com

Follow us: @runthepollsvote

TXT 202.410.4202 / RunWithChickaro To The Polls NOV 3

Build Trust , Raise Awareness, Take Action, Analyze Root Cause – Take Action = VOTE


October 21
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm